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Why Empower Network:

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When considering building an online business, there are 4 things that matter most that can make or break your success….

  1. Having A High Converting Sales Funnel
  2. An Easy Plug & Play System & Set Up Process
  3. Top Notch Training with WWN (Whats Working Now) Strategies
  4. Instant Income Potential, With a Good Return On Your Time Invested

Empower Network encompasses all 4 of these important factors, and has been proven as the leading Internet Marketing Affiliate & Training System in the Industry.

By partnering up with Empower, you’re positioning yourself to:

  • Have Insiders Access To The Leading Internet Marketing Strategies, that will allow you to succeed in any industry, by accessing these Killer Marketing Techniques!
  • Potential Profits that can easily allow you to earn $1,000 Per Day Online! (**See Income Disclaimer**)
  • The chance to live your dream life.. doing the things you always desired, while your EN business creates Income for you on Auto-Pilot!
  • Shave years off of your learning curve so you can fast track your way to Quick Profits!

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The Inside Scoop On Empower Network:

What Is Empower Network?

A solid system:

  • Creates Easy Automation & Duplication
  • Provides value to your life and the lives of your potential teammates and business partners.
  • Easily Sets you up for success
  • Doesn’t leave you filling in the blanks wondering what to do next.
  • Makes it easier for you to generate automated income faster, with less work and reward!

A good system when followed to a tee, gets predictable results, so you don’t have to hope you’ll make some money, but you’ll know exactly how much and when you will be paid from your efforts. All of these factors are key to the success of your online business and therefore a must when it comes to creating your own online empire.

A Complete Marketing System:

Empower Network is a blogging platform built to help you avoid the common technical issues that most people face when trying to build their businesses and establish a presence online. This revolutionary system will also assist you in getting ranked in the search engines. The higher you rank in the search engines, the more people can find your business. When people can find you, the potential to increase profits multiplies exponentially!!

Empower Network equips you with the tools you need to build a profitable presence online. These tools include capture page systems, sales funnels and a fully functional back office to manage your downline and leads. You see, there’s a couple of HUGE issues marketers face online today.

  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Follow Up

As long as you continue to struggle when it comes to driving traffic, converting leads and following up with your prospects to grow your income…your online business will NEVER reach it’s greatest potential!

The reality is that while some marketers will eventually get at least one of these crucial skills mastered, most aspiring marketers will give up before they accomplish such a milestone. If you do not have the ability to put the pieces together…

I’ll be the first of tell you – you will fail.

There are a ton on marketers who can drive significant traffic to their sites, but fail to nurture or convert that traffic to income. Others have a natural knack for selling, but can’t get their business in front of the right people.

With Empower Network, you’re learning from the most experienced and accomplished marketers in the industry. Industry leaders who not only know how to drive high quality targeted traffic to your personal Empower Network Blog, but can give you the exact formula for converting that traffic into automated income.

Imagine how fast your business would grow if you had 6 and 7-figure income earners walking you through these crucial steps, giving you an over-the-shoulder view to building a successful business online? Imagine if you has a system that did all of the teaching for you so you could focus on what matters most – making more money.

The Empower Network’s Dream Team has set up the “perfect” system for you. We show you everything you need to know and nothing you don’t about how to get people to your blog with high quality SEO Content and how to apply the training you learn to get the results you want.

You don’t have to worry about closing your leads, because the system, when implemented correctly, will do the heavy lifting for you.

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The FIVE Membership Levels

1) The Empower Network Blogging System – $25 Monthly:

For $25 a month, you are given a turn-key blogging platform that is cleverly integrated with the social networks to boost traffic, leads and sales to your primary business opportunity. This full customizable WordPress blog, which comes complete with hosting, marketing videos, high converting capture pages, sales funnels, tools, Monday night Power hour, and quick start training is set up under a sub domain which simply means that your blog address will be www.empowernetwork.com/(yourusername).

Because there are thousands of people connected to the domain name “empower network”, this helps to drive tons of traffic in the search engines to this domain name, which in turn raises it’s popularity and causing it to be ranked very high according to the Alexa rankings.

You must purchase this to access any of the higher levels, and is valued at nearly $2,488.00. You can pick it up now for less than the cost of a tank of gas, or cheap night out to dinner. And by just referring 1 person to the system, you’re membership is free at this level.

How do I make money blogging?

What this does is help to drive what we call “organic traffic” higher up in the search engines which will potentially allow your blog posts to be ranked on the first page of google potentially, considering that you have the right keywords and other factors documented correctly, which we teach you along the way.

Once your traffic lands on your page and your prospects click the banner advertising to the right or on the top of the page your prospect will be redirected to a high converting capture page that is coded to you. The empower network capture pages and sales funnels have proven to convert at over 48%. Never before have I seen something convert so well.

Why is this a big deal?

Nearly 75% of the US population alone goes to the internet for one reason or another. When you have a specific business or service that you want to promote, you can use your blog to discuss it, and in turn, you’ll begin generating traffic to your blog, that you can ultimately convert into business.

There are tons of businesses that are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars per month for things like search engine optimization and to be ranked on the first page of google. However, there’s a secret that we know that they don’t…..

The bottom line is it’s all about the content.

Content is the new online currency and what you write about on your blog is a huge determining factor for whether or not your website will be ranked on the first page or not.

Considering that we’ve established a community of bloggers that are continuously driving traffic back to the empowernetwork.com domain, this is increasing our popularity, which is increasing your chances for being seen for the specific topics that you blog about on your empower network blog, when others are searching for content regarding your niche.

(show how the internet works, how alexa works)

No stone has been left unturned when it came to building this unique system and for only $25 per month you will have full access to a turn key marketing solution that will blow you away. You will earn 100% of $25 on every person who purchases the blogging platform from you.

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#2) The Inner Circle Mastermind – $100 Monthly:

As your business grows and you are positioning yourself for online success, for only $100 per month, you can unlock what is considered to be some of the most transformational online marketing training you’ve ever had access to. Tap into the minds of industry front-runners who are 100% dedicated and committed to sharing their success strategies with you so that you make more money, have a better quality of life, and build an automated income empire…

…on complete auto pilot.

Take full advantage of this amazing audio training by downloading it, listing to it and transcribing it all while using it to earn 100% commissions.

The Inner Circle is a one-stop portal of educational and inspirational training all in one place.

When you are done, you’ll feel INSPIRED, CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED to do what it takes to build a profitable business online FAST.

Valued at nearly $3k, let’s not forget to mention that every person who purchases the Inner Circle membership from your website puts another $100 right in your bank account.


#3) The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – 1 Time $500:

This is an no-holds-barred 11 hour, HD intensive video series, filmed on location at a $3,000 private retreat in the mountains of Costa Rica that teaches you how to build a 7-figure automated marketing machine. David Wood (EN Co-founder) originally sold this retreat (not including flights to Costa Rica) for $2,997.00. This training will put you in the position to create your own profitable information products, build high impact marketing campaigns for free – and how to personally enroll more than 2,750 reps into 3 different network marketing companies…

Why would you want to join Empower Network at the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive Level?

If you are serious about building a lasting long term residual income that you can rely on for years to come, this has the potential to get you there. Each time someone purchases this product on your website, you make 100% of every $500 sale! For most- this income can be life-changing!


#4) The $15K Formula – 1 Time $997:

This membership opportunity is NOT for the MEEK & TIMID!

The $15k Formula is designed with one goal in mind -to take your Empower Network business to a $15k/month business in your first 90 days. Get into the minds to 8 of the most elite internet marketers of the modern marketing era as they reveal exactly what you need to do to build a $15k/month business in your first 30 days with a limited budget and without the hype and the fluff.

Their transparency and the outright simplicity of their marketing plans make building your own online empire that much more exciting. The insights alone…are priceless. But priced at just $997, it is the steal of a lifetime for serious entrepreneurs who are 100% ready to leave the excuses behind and get to work!

You also earn 100% commissions on this product if you own it. Even just 1 sale a week at $997 can be transformational. Our team has a blueprint in place that is going to show you EXACTLY how to get 1 sale a DAY. If you want to make $997 on every sale, you need to have this product… pay for it one time and enable it to pay you 100% commissions of $997 over and over… and over again.


  • Just one $15k Formula sale per week puts $51,844 per year in your pocket!


#5 The Masters Course – 1 Time $3500:

$3,500 one time offer for the brand new Empower Network Masters Course (39 HD videos revealing the secrets of leveraging a system and automating the ability to produce an income on the internet). Valuable mindset and online marketing training from the Millionaire Marketing Elite reveals how to make $50,000+ a month selling high ticket items!

If you want to know how to big money is made online, it’s not by selling $7, $25, even $100 dollar products.

Big money on the internet is made by LEVERAGING high ticket, top-tier products.


Well would you rather sell 120 $25 products or 1 $3000 product. You COULD do that OR you could learn how to sell 1 high ticket, Empower Network Masters Course.

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The Advantages of Joining Empower Network:The benefits to joining Empower Network are threefold.

1. Leverage

You are able to leverage a community of experienced marketers that will show you how to get your message out to the masses much faster with less technical headache, no matter what your message may be. You may have your own business that you provide a service for, you may be a network marketer trying to promote your company products, you may be a small business owners who wants to educate potential clients, you can be an enthusiast, wanting to share your knowledge ion a particular topic. No matter what your message is, you’ll have an opportunity to convert your information into income with the empower network blog.

2. Automated Affiliate Income 

The second benefit is that you’ll be able to earn an income as an affiliate. We have a huge vision to become one of the biggest blogging communities that exist today. With that vision, we need your help in spreading the message of empower network and how it all works.

Once you join empower network, you’re instantly given the opportunity to become an affiliate. What this means is that you’ll be able to earn 100% commissions for each referral you make to the empower network.

We provide an automated, ready to go, plug and play system that will pay you commissions instantly, and all you have to do is sign up.

It’s almost like having your own products that you get paid for, without doing any of the work to set them up.

3. Insider’s Marketing Knowledge

The third benefit is the first class marketing knowledge you’ll get access to. With the rapid growth in technology, modern marketers are taking advantage of social media, video marketing, SMS texting, phone apps and so much more to gain the upper hand on their competition. This knowledge Empower Network gives you access to puts you in prime position to open up new opportunities.

In Empower Network, we have the “insiders access” to exactly what it takes to capture customers online and make sales. We’ve mastered the concepts of generating traffic, engaging the customer and establishing trust while ultimately converting them to a sale, without ever coming across as a salesman. In order to truly establish wealth and master the art of entrepreneurship, one has to master the process of sales and marketing.

There are millions of people searching the Internet for solutions to their problems, but the question is…how are you going to position your brand and your products in a way that creates a win-win for both you and the solution seekers who are willing to pay for the solutions you provide.

What can I expect when I join the The Dream Team?

Empower Network is a virtual community but by joining our team, you’ll feel like you were placed in a community of achievers, that all desire to help you succeed.

We have mapped out a step by step process that will walk you through setting up your blog, creating your first blog post as well as marketing the Empower Network system to a whole new market of buyers that’s dying to get their hands on this program.

We have done everything possible to shorten your learning curve and remove the overwhelm from jumping in on the thriving industry of internet marketing and blogging.

If you’re good at following directions, then you’ll have no problems navigating your way through the trainings to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish.

Our Automated Income System Includes:


  • $1k Blueprint Formula – We are THE ONLY TEAM THAT OFFERS THIS
  • Step by step blueprint that shows you exactly what to do, how to do it and we even tell you “when to do it” to simplify your life.
  • Exclusive tools that enhance a complete “plug-in-play” marketing system including a blog, high converting capture pages, sales pages, and systems that are pre-designed for you. You’ve never seen a system that converts so well.
  • Access to the most cutting edge marketing training from the top income earners who are in the trenches promoting the business with you
  • 100% commissions giving you the potential for HUGE long-term residual income.
  • A leadership group that is proven to produce results. You will always have access to cutting-edge marketing methods, tutorials and resources that are created to give you the competitive advantage you need to build an explosive business.
  • A simple set-up that is easy to navigate, keeps your resources at your finger tips, and allows you to get started quickly.


The Missing Links…. That Only We’ve Put Together

This is by far, The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make (If)….


  • You get plugged in with a team that can provide you with all the tools and resources needed to make sure you know how to market.
  • You get access to our Automated Income Funnel, that will allow even a brand new person to Internet Marketing, to be able to build their EN Business fast by plugging into our Team training and systems.


NOTE: You’ll also want to check out the out-of-this-world Team Benefits and Bonuses Page to get a better understanding as to what this team provides to you and the detailed bonus training for each level that you come in at. No one else has put together a system like this one within Empower Network…you’ll be amazed!

Joining just anyone can have a negative effect on your business. Be sure to do your research and get partnered up with someone who knows what they are doing, has systems in place for their team, and will help you if you get stuck on marketing problems. If you end up with a clueless sponsor or someone who is not serious about their business, you could end up finding yourself struggling for answers.

What Empower Network Is Not:

Though Empower Network is a powerful tool for generating automated income online, the fact remains that Empower Network may not be the right fit for you!

If you are expecting a get-rich-quick plan, if you are expecting to make instant money without putting in any work or if you expect others to do the work for you…you will FAIL!

However, if you are highly motivated and have a passion to create financial wealth, willing to follow simple instructions from experienced leaders, if you are ready to put into action the techniques and strategies that are taught within the Empower Network Systems and what the Dream Team leaders teach our teammates and business partners…

Then Empower Network Is 100% For You.

Empower Network Is The Perfect System For You If:


  • You want to escape the 9-5 and build a business you control instead of having a job that controls you.
  • You are a network marketer and want a simple but effective system to generate leads for your business.
  • You need an additional stream of income and want a business that gives you the opportunity to get the highest returns possible for your investment in time and effort.
  • You are looking for a home business with a “no-gotcha” compensation plan that makes sense.
  • You are new to online marketing and want a business that can get you in-profit quickly.
  • You want to learn and get mentored by some of the most knowledgeable leaders in the online marketing industry.
  • You want to blog for money but want to avoid the technical aspects of building out a profitable blog.
  • You are an affiliate marketer with a sizable network and want to cash in on 100% commissions that are paid out immediately.
  • You want to make money and you want to make money fast.
  • You are an ambitious, motivated person who wants to potentially earn thousands of dollars a year on autopilot.


Do you want to make $25 a day? $100 a day? $1000 a day?


It’s now up to you. You have complete control. You just simply make the decision, and we’ll deliver the team, the training, the traffic. Everything that’s made the top leaders in this network successful, will be shared with you! EVERY-THING!!! If you can follow instructions – you can do the same thing.

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